Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Blues!!

Winter Blues

So I'm not sure if its the gloomy weather or just me getting burnt out at work, but I have a serious case of the winter blues and winter has barely started.  The time change has really messed with my internal time clock.  I hate getting off work and having it be pitch black already. I think my dog even has the blues.

 I find my self daydreaming about our trip this year to Hawaii and wishing we were there again.  In January we took a trip to Maui and absolutely loved it.  We did everything from:

Horseback riding

Lu aha


 Eating way too much!

Sunrise walks ( wow, you can tell we just woke up)

But my absolute favorite thing to do was to lay on the beach and just people watch. Basically RELAX!! I'm such a high strung person.  I have a hard time making my mind stop thinking.  I analyze everything way too much.

So getting away was so awesome.  My husband and I don't usually take trips.  For two main reasons MONEY and Getting time off work.  We went to see the movie Couples retreat
We had a revelation at the movie theatre.  "Why the heck haven't we gone anywhere". 
We didn't take a honeymoon, because we paid for everything( I mean alldresses,tuxes,food,entertainment, everything), we didn't want our wedding to be a burden to our family.
We've been married for five years. 
So after seeing that movie, we were determined to go on a beautiful retreat of our own. 
So as soon as we got home we went online and did estimates for airlines, hotels,average prices for activities,car rental you name it. 
Figured out an estimated budget and started saving each paycheck.( It did take us a few months)  Before we new it, it was January and we had all the savings we needed for the trip. 
I hired two new people to help while I was gone,so my job was covered.
It was such a memorable trip.  I loved going on a new adventure with my husband and trying so many new things together. 
 If your thinking of getting away, I definitely recommend Hawaii( you don't even need a passport:)
A few resources I used for helpful information( since were not the normal travelers)
The unofficial guide to Maui( but they have them for a variety of places.)
This book had maps, estimated costs,basic suggestions you sometimes don't even think about and all in a language I could understand.( Step by Step).

I also really like

I liked having real (unpaid) travelers telling me what they really thought.  It was really great for checking on the hotel you want to stay at.  If it was dirty, good service,food and how close you are to activities.  We walked to most of our activities.

It's been almost a year since we were in Hawaii and were starting to save and plan for our next adventure, but until then my husband and I will "always have Hawaii".


  1. Hey girl! You and your husband make a gorgeous couple! And it looks like you had a blast on your vacay. I'm officially jealous.

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks Dana! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well.